PT. Mitra Andasantika (MAS) is a company with core business is supplying an Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for the construction industry .

Since its establishment in 1992, PT. MAS has been engaging in general trading businesses and has been retained for more than 15 years by Mitsubishi Plastic Inc, a member of Mitsubishi Group, Japan, as the sole agent and distributor of aluminium composite product known as Alpolic for the whole Indonesia. The product supplied by the company, Alpolic, is recognized as the most suitable material for external and internal cladding due to fire-retardant, light weight, high corrossion resistance and rigidity characteristics which offer architects and designers unlimited abilities to create modern architectural masterpieces. It is the world class product which is only can be matched by a few other products.

The total numbers of prestigious high rise buildings in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, which are using Alpolic supplied by the company, keeps on counting up from year to year until today. During these years, the company has been servicing clients ranging from government institutions, local and international banks, Japanese and multinational companies engaging in various business activities, as well as owners of prestigious hotels and apartments. In addition to those Jakarta base clients, the total number of the company\'s clients in the secondary cities throughout Indonesia have shown a steady increase from time to time. PT Mitra Andasantika, where commitment to quality of services supports excellent product.