Established on March 15, 1985, PT Sinar Eka Kreasi (PT SEK or the Company) was founded to provide an expedient and dependable attire care and cleaning service with a focus on quality. Prior to the commencement of its operation on April 1985, the Company has already realized the importance of having a brand that is easy to remember and pronounced. After careful and thoughtful deliberation, the founders decided to put a twist to the English word “Laundry” and out came the brand “Laundrette”.

Over the years, many other dry cleaners had strived to replicate our brand by spinning another twist on the wording and logo of our brand in an effort to encroach into our market. We are quite amused by some of the twists yet we are proud that others consider our brand noteworthy to emulate. However, we do try to discourage brand infringements on our brand by registering “Laundrette” with the Directorate General of Patent and Copyrights.

Our outlets are our front line in serving our customers. We strive to be as conveniently located as possible to ensure that our customers do not need to commute too far to visit us. Currently, Laundrette operates approximately 137 outlets in the Greater Jakarta Area and West Java area; and the number of which may change to cover larger areas as well as to bring ourselves closer to our customers. Our outlets can be readily found in residential areas, shopping malls, offices, supermarkets, mini marts, even gas stations. Below is the distribution area of our outlets.

The Top Brand Awards reflects the market confidence and trust on our services. This acknowledgement has been awarded for 2 consecutive years. These achievements are stepping stones for us to see the future by continuously improving ourselves. We plan to maintain this prestigious acknowledgement for many years to come.



Laundrette Ragunan Margasatwa 
Laundrette Kebagusan Raya 
Laundrette Apotik Moh. Kahfi I 
Laundrette Hero Pondok Indah 
Laundrette Circle K Pejaten 
Laundrette Buncit Indah 
Laundrette Merdeka Buncit 
Laundrette Kimia Pejompongan 
Laundrette Slipi 
Laundrette Jl. Mandala Raya No. 3 
Laundrette Hero Taman Anggrek 
Laundrette Apotik Medyana 
Laundrette Tomang 
Laundrette Kemakmuran 
Laundrette Adorama Foto Cokro 
Laundrette Hero Gondangdia 
Laundrette Golden Truly Sahari 
Laundrette Jl. Raya Paseban 
Laundrette Mall Lippo Cikarang 
Laundrette Hero Kemang Pratama 
Laundrette Jl. Nangka TB Simatupang 
Laundrette Kemang Dalam 
Laundrette Kemang Selatan 
Laundrette Kemchicks 
Laundrette Apotik Potenza 
Laundrette Wolter Monginsidi 
Laundrette Starmart Wisma Mulia 
Laundrette Starmart Wisma Keiai 
Laundrette Jl. Abdul Majid 
Laundrette Green Garden 
Laundrette Ratu Kemuning 
Laundrette Apt. Puri Parkview Kedoya 
Laundrette Taman Alfa 
Laundrette Meruya Utara 
Laundrette F. Cilegon Raya 
Laundrette F. Serang Raya 
Laundrette Taman Sari Tangerang 
Laundrette Metropolis Square 
Laundrette Summarecon Serpong 
Laundrette Hypermart Karawaci 
Laundrette Mall Alam Sutera 
Laundrette Spring Club 
Laundrette Giant Grha Bintaro 
Laundrette Apt. Casablanca 
Laundrette Apt. Bellagio Kuningan 
Laundrette Mall Ambasador 
Laundrette Gedung Setiabudi 
Laundrette Four Season 
Laundrette Carrefour LaKespra 
Laundrette Pengadegan 
Laundrette Jl. Rasamala 
Laundrette Tebet Timur 
Laundrette Tebet Barat 
Laundrette Rawamangun 
Laundrette Hero Permata Hijau 
Laundrette Circle K Pakubuwono 
Laundrette Apt. Senayan 
Laundrette Apt. Permata Hijau 
Laundrette Mang Kabayan Veteran 
Laundrette Hero Bintaro Plaza 
Laundrette Pakubuwono View 
Laundrette Tanggamus 
Laundrette Pd. Bambu Kejaksaan 
Laundrette Pondok Kelapa 
Laundrette Hero Kalimalang 
Laundrette Top Cipinang 
Laundrette Kota Wisata 
Laundrette Pesona Khayangan Depok 
Laundrette Permata Puri Cimanggis 
Laundrette Bukit Raflesia 
Laundrette Jl. Hankam 
Laundrette Jl. Bambu Apus 
Laundrette Hero Cinere 
Laundrette Superindo Pluit 
Laundrette Danau Sunter 
Laundrette Biru Laut 
Laundrette Cempaka Putih 
Laundrette Ahmad Yani 
Laundrette Mall Kelapa Gading 
Laundrette Teluk Betung 


Laundrette Jl. Sumatra Bandung 
Laundrette Sentrasari Mall Bandung 
Laundrette Bandung Antapani 
Laundrette Circle K Buah Batu 
Laundrette Arcamanik 
Laundrette Dago Atas 


Laundrette Boulevard Raya 
Laundrette Sungai Saddang